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Fear vs Love. We have a choice.

Everyday we are given two choices, to embrace ourselves in love, treat the abundance of the time we get given for free with enthusiasm and vibrancy vs. living in the world of fear. The world that we live in can work against us if we choose to see it with[...]


Yoomia modern violinist Performer


Yoomia – Modern Violinist is a highly accomplished and charismatic performer on the electric  and classical violin. She has received numerous accolades from the press, peers and fans alike.  With exceptional technical finesse combined with the stage presence and sophistication of a catwalk queen, Yoomia – Modern Violinist provides a truly[...]


Mini concert


Growing through music Yoomia Sim is a passionate musician, dedicated to musical education, mentorship and nurturing the next generation of musical talent. She is an established violin, piano and music theory teacher with 13 years of professional experience. Her lessons are tailored to the individual needs of the student and designed[...]

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“Step aside Vanessa Mae, there’s a new violinist in town who has the looks and talent”

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